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A Coron Adventure

By: Bob Manas May 8, 1999 It was 7 am on April 26 when Randy and I checked-in at the Pacific “Scare” airline terminal. Our dive gears alone weighed 50 kgs. each. We knew we were allowed 10 kgs. but excess baggage would cost P50/kg. Damn! There goes four thousand bucks – the cost of…

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Into The Dragon’s Throat

Into The Dragon’s Throat By Bob Manas March 1, 2008 I woke up to the obnoxious buzzing of my alarm clock at 4:00 am, that 26th day of January 2000. Serge Javellana was already at my gate yelling, “Tito Bob!, Tito Bob!”, waking up the neighborhood in the process. I scrambled into my clothes and…

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