The magical world of Paradiso Rito awaits you.


Located at the eastern side of the Mabini Peninsula, along its circumferential road , and between the dive sites known as “Red Rock” and “Bubbles”, lie the resort PARADISO RITO. In the local linggo it means “paradise here” where its 8-room boutique ambience will surely provide you a “homey” feeling, where you can relax and enjoy by the pool.

Facing Batangas Bay it is also within the Verde Island Passage, also coined as the “center of the center of biodiversity” of marine life in southeast Asia. And what biodiversity the seas around Batangas truly have! With marine critters still on the verge of being discovered, it is still in an era of unnumbered species!

They say that macro photography is shooting underwater subjects that are no larger or smaller than a golf ball. For underwater photographers whether shooting macro or wide-angle, the seas around Paradiso Rito Resort will provide you with excitement and much fulfillment with your hobby or work.

Our u/w photo gallery are just some examples of the critters that abound Paradiso Rito.



Includes Dive Boat, Tanks w/air, Weights, Diveguide, and Dive Pass. Not included are Accommodation & Meals

1 Dive - 45 US$ per person
2 Dives - 90 US$ per person
3 Dives - 130 US$ per person
4 Dives - 170 US$ per person
5 Dives - 205 US$ per person
6 Dive - 250 US$ per person
7 Dives - 280 US$ per person
8 Dives - 320 US$ per person
9 Dives - 360 US$ per person
10 Dives - 399 US$ per person

11 Dive - 435 US$ per person
12 Dives - 490 US$ per person
13 Dives - 500 US$ per person
14 Dives - 530 US$ per person
15 Dives - 560 US$ per person
16 Dives - 585 US$ per person
Additional Dives - 36 US$ per person (after 16 dives)
Nitrox - 8 US$ per tank
Private Spotter (Guide) - 20 US$ per dive, additional

110 US$ per person (minimum of 4 max of 6 with speedboat, maximum of 10 with banca boat)
Includes: 3 dives w/tanks & wts.
DM service fee
Dive Pass
Meals & Drinks Provided


General Dive Gear Rental

  • Mask Php 150/day
  • Snorkel Php 100/day
  • Fins Php 200/day
  • Booties Php 150/day
  • Wet suit Php 300/day
  • Weight belt Php 100/day
  • Regulator Php 300/day
  • BCD Php 300/day
  • Full Equipment Php 1,500/day

Client Testimonial

Thank you so much for two wonderful days of diving. In the attached files my photos taken near your hotel.

~ Dimitri Chikishev, 
Khabarovsk, Russia

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