My First Diving Experience Here at Paradiso Rito


These are the words that describe what I felt before trying out Scuba diving. It is something you really have to experience for yourself to truly grasp the feeling. There is no substitute for experiencing the feeling firsthand.

After taking up the pool session at Paradiso Rito with my resident dive instructors, Bobby Manas and Carlo “Popi” Torralba, I was so excited to try it in the open water. Never have I imagined that I’ll be given an opportunity to do scuba diving. It’s just one of the hundreds listed in my bucket list.

At first, I really don’t know if I can do it. There are thoughts in my head while I’m doing the skills, thoughts like “You can’t do this”,”Something might go wrong”, “Just relax and appreciate what’s beneath”, “You can do this!” and many more. I started to relax and I was able to seize the moment. We did the skills that they taught us and after finishing all the skills, we started our tour.

As we go deeper and deeper, my fear eventually fades and I started to appreciate the surroundings. I became more comfortable. I was in awe from the moment I laid eyes on the beautiful creatures found underwater. It opened my mind to a different kind of world. I was astonished. It really is a privilege to be immersed in this alien world. It has more to offer than just the plain blue seas, lakes, oceans and other bodies of water that we see on the surface. There are more than a thousand different kind of creatures (known or unknown) beneath and everyone’s living there, peacefully.

This will not be the last time to experience this. Now, I’m taking up my open water course and soon I’ll be a certified diver. More experiences and adventures awaits!

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By Jenna Camille Arbolente

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