An Inviting Calm See to Enjoy the Dives

diving in Paradiso Rito

It is about that time of year where the ocean on the side of Anilao is relentless with its waves continuously crashing on the shore. It’s these kinds of times where it makes it difficult for us divers to do our hobby, one reason being the fact that it makes it harder for us to board our boat from the resort. Another reason is that it makes it hard for beginners to cope with the treacherous seas before, during, and after the dives. As a professional, it is my job to ensure that said divers enjoy their experience with us and that their safety is our top priority.

calm diving at Paradiso Rito

When one side of the island is not easily accessible, the other side is very promising with its calm seas, this being the resort of Paradiso Rito. With this opportunity, we are now able to enjoy the weekend as much as we can and having to bring in more inexperienced people to easily cater them to their needs in order to have a good time with the dives as much as their stay with us.  We are also provided by numerous dive sites around the area that can accommodate both beginners and advanced open waters for them to have an experience they’ll sure to remember.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry! Paradiso Rito also rents out diving gears on site. When you stay with us, you can enjoy diving and other water sports activities such as kayaking and even banana boat rides. In the resort, you will also be able to relax and have some fun after your diving trip. We have a nice pool to relax in and cozy nooks to just lay around.

You can truly enjoy a vacation that you have been craving for. You can stay in a place that you can consider a paradise. A home away from home.


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