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Ocean Cleanup

Ocean Cleanup Drive

Did you know that currently, there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic that litter the ocean?

It may seem not so evident in plain eyesight but the fact is the ocean is becoming a huge trash bin and it is endangering our marine life of which will eventually affect our very own ecosystem.  There are 5 ocean garbage patches and currently the biggest one is located between Hawaii and California.

So what can we do to help? Solving the problem is a herculean task, requiring massive funding, endless supply of patience, and long-term commitment and dedication. A young Dutch innovator named Boyan Slat is behind the great Ocean Cleanup drive. He is the brains behind an audacious master plan to rid the ocean with plastic present in a garbage patch called the Pacific garbage patch.

Boyan Slat

Boyan Slat, Innovator and founder of Ocean Cleanup Drive

The plan is to install systems in the ocean that will remove the vast quantities of plastic that come across it. The system is designed to float on a vast surface of the ocean to skim through pollutants and plastic off the top layer of the water.

Boyan Slat mentioned that once the Ocean Cleanup system is in place, “ the systems will automatically drift or gravitate to where the plastic is” , “ instead of us being able to clean up 42% of the patch in 10 years, we can now clean up 50% of the patch in 5 years”.

According to the Ocean Cleanup website, a full-scale system roll-out could clean up to 50% of the Great Pacific garbage patch in just five years, paving the way to a plastic free ocean by 2050.

Paradiso Rito is one with Ocean Cleanup drive and its founder Boyan in pursuing the goal of a plastic free ocean. Diving trips are always focused on keeping the ocean garbage free, to an extent of organising dives that solely serves the purpose of cleaning up coasts and diving spots from trash.

Resource: The Ocean Cleanup website and Business Insider- Boyan Slat Ocean Cleanup Launch.

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