Paradiso Rito for the Environment: Tree-planting our way to reforestation

forest house

The country’s forests are facing a huge threat and that is the continued, unregulated, and often than not, illegal logging activities happening all over the Philippines. Logging is a huge business, but more than, the growth of industrialisation also means there is more need for land.

Our country’s ecosystem is struggling to survive, deforestation is rampant causing hundreds of species of endemic trees to be threatened or eventually wiped out. Reforestation is a great concern for biodiversity conservation, and there are only a handful of organizations, and government offices that champion this cause.

Forest House Accommodation

Paradiso Rito is located in an area in Mabini, Batangas where there is rich marine and coastal life, it is also fortunately surrounded by mountains. However, nothing is safe from deforestation and abuse, and the inevitable need to use and develop more lands. Facing the adverse effects of the growth of civilization, Paradiso Rito aims to work with organisations that triumph environmental conservation.

Tree-planting is one of the many ways to contribute in biodiversity conservation and reforestation. Organisations such as Haribon Foundation, Trees4Life, Earth Day Movement and more are behind reforestation and tree-planting projects. Harrison foundation launched their very own long term tree-planting campaign- ROAD to 2020 ( Rainforestation Organisations and Advocates), a movement which aim to restore Philippine rainforests using native tree species such as narra, apitong, lauan and many others.  They have launched programs such as Adopt-a-Seedling, Nurture-a-tree and a series of tree-planting activities.


In Paradiso Rito, trees are given primary importance. As a matter of fact, Paradiso Rito built its forest cottage around a tree. A testament to its commitment to raise awareness about environmental conservation.

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