Paradiso Rito: Guide to Proper Diving Etiquette from the Deck to the Water.

Paradiso Rito

In a scuba diving trip, which is mostly done in groups, proper decorum is observed. Simple rules are given even before a diving trip begins. In a diving trip, you wouldn’t want to be the cause of inconvenience to your dive mates by being the exception. Here is a simple guide to proper diving etiquette from the deck to the water.

Here’s a simple etiquette guide from the boat to the water.

  • Be fully prepared and be on time- when you show up for a dive trip, make sure that you have packed the proper clothes, equipment, and safety gear. Once you get to the boat, it will be of great inconvenience if you borrow essential dive gears. Being on time avoids delay of the trip itself.
  • Get permission. Before entering a sea vessel, it is an observed decorum to first ask for permission before boarding the boat. The crew might be occupied by last-minute preparations.
  • Observe the Do’s and Don’ts while aboard the boat. There may be some house rules imposed such as, no smoking, or restricted areas. This rules must be observed all the time during a dive trip.
  • Listen carefully during dive briefing. You’ll not only get valuable information about the dive site and conditions, you’ll learn how the crew prefers you enter and exit the water.
  • Respect your crew and dive guides. Guides are not personal assistants, divers are expected to be self-reliant and prepared while on a diving trip. Assistance will always be readily provided by your dive guides when you need it.
  • When diving, always be aware where you are. Spatial awareness is of top importance when diving, look around you at all times.
  • Take your time and never rush underwater when diving. Getting too excited in underwater may cause run into the other divers. It will also disrupt the fishes and cause them to be scared away.  It may also endanger you to crash on reefs and exhaust your air.

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