Paradiso Rito: Meditation During the Holidays

The holiday season is in. And as long weekends become more and more frequent, people also become so caught up with the frenzy. Despite of the season being the reason to relax, it becomes stressful and hectic due to the many activities that we have to participate or carry out ourselves.

Hence, in occasions such as this, it is time to look the other way around. Instead of being trapped in the turmoil and the confusion of seeing people which becomes even more conflicting when you are torn between staying in and going out.

Just recently, Paradiso Rito hosted a De-stress Getaway with Doc. Didoy Lubaton. The 3-day de-stress program was a success itself, the participants were exposed to different stages of the program where they come out- well rested, with a renewed sense of spirited, and  with a rejuvenated and vibrant outlook in life.

So this season of holidays, it is also best to resort to meditation. Meditation can do wonders, not just for you but for what you do, and the people around you. The website: provided a long list of benefits of meditation. Among which are:

  1. Meditation thru mindfulness decreases depression.
  2. Meditation helps regulate mood and anxiety disorders
  3. Meditation helps reduce symptoms of panic disorders.
  4. Long-term meditation enhances the ability to generate gamma waves in the brain
  5. Meditation improves focus, attention and ability to work under stress.

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