Paradiso Rito: Mindfulness and Meditation

paradiso rito mountain meditation

Paradiso Rito is not just your typical beach front resort. As a matter of fact, another section of Paradiso Rito is located on a mountain side with a spectacular view of the seas.

Nowadays mindfulness is playing a big role in shaping holistic wellness approach. Mindfulness, according to Kabat-Zinn, has three aspects: being honest with yourself, being non-judgemental, and living fully in the present moment.

Also, according to Kabat-Zinn, the best way to achieve mindfulness is thru mountain meditation. The purpose of mountain meditation is to become fully aware and grounded to access your inner strength and stability when faced with highly stressful circumstances.

Here are the top ways to start mindfulness thru meditation:

  • Sit down in a comfortable position. If you’re in a mountain, find a calm and peaceful clearing where you can sit.
  • Practice a breathing exercise. And whilst your eyes are closed, imagine and appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds you.
  • After embracing the moment, imagine the you are the mountain.
  • Imagine that you can sit in absolute stillness and calm.
  • Just like how mountains endure constant changes and extremes, imagine these changes as external personal events akin to weather patterns.
  • Be rooted in the stillness amidst the constant change of internal and external experience.



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To experience the calm of nature and its benefits, visit Paradiso Rito and book yourself a quiet getaway. For inquiries and bookings email us at :

Sources:, Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness mentor.

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