Paradiso Rito: A Quick Newbie Guide to Underwater Photography

Photography and diving are two different hobbies but it doesn’t mean that one can’t do both at the same time. Photography just like diving require a special set of skills, one can go from basic to advance, from a newbie to an expert.

More often than not, divers would rather take with them the beauty they see underwater, and underwater photography is the answer to that. Although, there are a number of waterproof cameras available in the market today, certain limitations still apply. Underwater imaging is an exciting and complicated endeavour but nevertheless it is worth every invested time, effort, skill, and equipment.

If you intend to start underwater photography, here are some guidelines to remember as underlined by Underwater Photography Guide.

Underwater Photography Facts

  • Water absorbs colors such as red, orange, and yellow. This is why your underwater photos will look blue if you don’t use a flash or strobe. The deeper you are, the more color is absorbed.
  • Compact cameras come with internal flashes that can be used to add colors to your photos
  • Underwater photographers often buy an external strobe / flash as a way to add color
  • Water reduces contrast, color and sharpness, which is why underwater photos should be taken within 1 meter of the camera, preferably much closer. You need to get very close to your subject.

For a detailed guide on underwater photography for beginners, check this link. To book a diving trip contact Paradiso Rito.

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