Paradiso Rito partners w/ Doc Didoy’s De-stress Getaway Program

Paradiso Rito -Destress

Paradiso Rito is embarking on a partnership with acclaimed health mentor, preacher, motivational speaker and author, Dr. Didoy Lubaton.

Paradiso Rito will be hosting the 3-day De-stress Getaway Program of Doc Didoy, and it aims to reach out to individuals who seek respite from the hectic, stressful, and toxic lives they lead. The program reinstates the very core of leading and living a holistically balanced life being God in the very center of it.

Here are some excerpts from Doc Didoy’s De-Stress Getaway kit.

Five Reasons to Join De-Stress Getaway Program:

  1. We will go to a fantastic place where we could just rest and enjoy nature.
  2. We will slow down. No work allowed. No pressures.
  3. We will be re-energized by the good company of people who are taking the same journey as you.
  4. We will eat food that your body will thank you for.
  5. We will have activities and talk sessions to give us directions throughout the trip.

For a more detailed information on the De-stress Getaway program, just download or check the link below:

De-stress Getaway Info Sheet

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