Paradiso Rito: The Value of Coral Reefs in Marine Ecosystem

Paradiso Rito: The Value of Coral Reefs in Marine Ecosystem

A few days ago, Paradiso Rito announced its call for participants for its initial phase of artificial coral planting project. To stress the timely importance of this initiative, we would like to share this excerpts from the Coral Systems Organisation.

The Value of Corals

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Biodiversity: Coral reefs are essential spawning, nursery, breeding, and feeding grounds for numerous organisms. Coral reefs support more than 800 hard coral species and more than 4,000 species of fish.

Coastal Protection: Healthy coral reefs have rough surfaces  that dissipate much of the force of incoming waves. Coastlines protected by reefs are more stable, in terms of erosion, and are also a source of sand in natural beach replenishment.

Fisheries: The fish that grow and live on coral reefs are a significant food source for over a billion people worldwide—many of whom live far from the reefs that feed them.

Medicine: Medicine: Many species found in coral ecosystems produce chemical compounds for defense or attack, particularly the slow-moving or stationary species like nudibranchs and sponges.

Tourism and Recreation: Every year, millions of scuba divers and snorkelers visit coral reefs to enjoy their abundant sea life. Even more tourists visit the beaches protected by these reefs.

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For inquiries on diving trips or learning to dive, resort accommodation, camping, and team-building activities, you can contact Paradiso Rito at 

Source: Coral Systems Org.

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