Paradiso Rito for Wellness: Yoga as an Immunity Booster

mountain yoga

The rainy season can impose a lot of health risks- from colds, to flu, headaches, respiratory illnesses and more. Paradiso Rito advocates wellness holistically. A balanced body, mind, and soul is what we should all aim to achieve under any circumstance or season!

As we have talked about introducing the many benefits of Yoga from our last post, we thought it is just fitting to highlight how yoga can also increase one’s immune system.

The ancient practice yoga has several health benefits including improved flexibility, stamina and heart health. It can help you boost your immunity to keep infections and diseases at bay. As listed by here are the poses one can try to boost their immunity.

  1. The Trikonasana or the triangle pose: “ trikonasana is among the best yoga asanas to improve your immune system. It will also strengthen arms, legs, ankles and chest. It improves the blood circulation in your body, aids digestion, burns fat and keeps your mind calm”.
  2. The Bhujangasana or the cobra pose: “ Bhujangasana or the cobra pose improves metabolism and digestive system. You can do this asana in the morning or evening but your last meal should be at least 5 hours ago. It also improves your immunity, kidney function and elevates mood.”
  3. The Vrikshasana or the tree pose: “ Vrikshasana or the tree pose is another excellent yoga asana for improved immunity. While you do this pose keep your eyes open and maintain the balance. Do it early morning on an empty stomach and fresh mind.”
  4. The Tadasana or the mountain pose: “ Tadasana or the mountain pose is also called the mother of all yoga poses. Do it on an empty stomach. It improves your digestion and restores balance, increases awareness, improves blood circulation and calms your mind.”
  5. The Matsyasana or the fish pose: “ Fish pose or the matsyasana strengthens your immunity and digestive system. It will also help you to sleep better and relieves neck and shoulder pain. It also tones your parathyroid gland and gives a massage to your digestive organs.

Yoga sessions are welcome at Paradiso Rito. You can book your wellness sessions with us or we can have it arranged for you!


References: Illustration: mountain yoga

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