The Symbolist That Is Fil Delacruz

When Fil Delacruz, one of the country’s highly respected and established artists and good friend of Charlie, saw the raw property where Paradiso Rito is to be, he saw pages of an unwritten book waiting to be filled. A blank canvas waiting to be painted on. But what he saw was no ordinary story, no ordinary painting. Rather, a story of his friend’s rebirth, the second half of Charlie Gamboa’s journey.

A natural excitement stirred the artist in him, inspiring him to visualize and eventually put paint on canvas, to what now is the icon and landmark of Paradiso Rito.

His close connection to water, having been born and raised in Hagonoy, Bulacan also allowed him to be Charlie’s elemental guide in creating the aesthetic blueprint of the site.
Visitors of  Paradiso Rito will be treated to a grand, visual delight as Fil’s masterpieces will be up on display for everyone to appreciate and possibly, even acquire. He is best known for his critically acclaimed “Diwata” series, a vast collection of richly textured paintings featuring a young B’laan woman, which has across the decade of his career, showcased his mastery and artistry in creating vividly engaging and thought-provoking paintings.

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