The Maker And His Dream

But, if there is one person who could outshine Peter’s enthusiasm for this unique venture, it could only be Charlie Gamboa, a property developer and social awareness advocate who completes the Paradiso Rito pair. Charlie and Peter’s bond is probably just as strong and interesting as Peter’s Alabang home which Charlie constructed. Their first collaboration led to their second one as each discovered their similar advocacies, interests and life-goals. Presumably, over countless mortar and coffee and roof beams and beer.

Happily married for 31 years to Georgia, they have two accomplished daughters, Grace Ann, who is a banker like her mom and Christine, who is a freelance contemporary dancer. Both are an inspiration for Charlie in creating the spaces and developing the amenities and activities offered at Paradiso Rito. He saw the need for people like Grace Ann, his firstborn, to have a sanctuary where they can rest, reconnect and rebound. And for the likes of his artist daughter Christine, a venue to express themselves and share their talents.

Charlie’s vision is for life to be art and art to be life here at Paradiso Rito. A living, moving gallery to showcase creations fueled by positive energies and interactions as well as an oasis that is in itself, soul food to-go.

Definitely, Peter and Charlie, with a little help from extremely talented friends have integrated in this new and charming waterfront resort, a win-win situation for themselves, the resort’s featured artists and performers, its staff and crew and most of all, for the clientele of Paradiso Rito.

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